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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel accompanies, trains and matches volunteers aged 18+ (Big Siblings) to youth in need of a supportive, adult role model in their lives (Little Siblings).
Our volunteers arrive at their Little Sibling’s living area for two hours a week for at-least a year, all in order to talk, share and sometimes have fun 😉

Short Testimonies from Our Big Siblings

Roy tells us about his experiences with his Little Brother Yotam: “Yotam and I are siblings for over a year and a half. He’s sixteen and a half, smart, mature and sweet. During our sessions we talk about any topic that comes up. Yotam is interested in lots of subjects: Current affairs, politics, economy, sports and more – it’s just fun to hold a conversation with him! Some of our sessions we travel outside, do sport and always have fun. I feel like I’m a role model to him and that’s why he’s interested in the happenings of my life. Yotam and I can’t wait for our weekly session. In my eyes, I benefit from this relationship just as much as Yotam.”

Ido tells us about his experience with his Little Brother Lior: “In my eyes, the experience with Lior is something amazing that I didn’t expect to fill me so much. We do new things each time and more than anything, have fun. That’s why we don’t have a planned schedule and sometimes we change the plan as we go, multiple times a day. Lior is a Little Brother and friend that I’m glad to have had the privilege to meet.”


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We at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel continue to operate despite and especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are always there for our younger siblings, especially in times of crises. We need your support to reach more children and teens in need of our help.

In Order to Receive a Big Sibling

We have more than 600 volunteer applications a year. In order to help us select a Big Brother or Sister especially for you, please fill out this application with a social worker or school counselor. All your information will remain private.