Our Programs

Core Operation – Matching Big and Little Siblings

A program to accompany children and adolescents at risk who need a mature, supportive and meaningful character in their lives. This includes, being a role model, developing skills and hobbies, an attentive ear and a person who can be trusted when needed.

Stake Program (Yated) – for Young Adults at risk

A national program for young adults at risk. Accompanying young adults from ages 18 – 25 since 2019, in order to advance and help them achieve Satisfaction of existential needs, personal development and a suitable integration for them in society and in their community. This program emphasizes achieving a secure future on a personal, occupational and familial level.

Mifgash and Pnima Initiatives

A program for children and adolescents in social isolation that has been operating in six localities throughout the country for over five years. Children and youth benefit from personal connection and proactive activity in leisure time which prevents the development of negative behaviors and phenomena.


Leaders of Change

As part of the “Leaders of Change” tender, which operates in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, we employ 8 Amharic speaking leaders. The “Leaders of Change” program provides children and adolescents from Ethiopian society living in boarding schools with support and mediation with their parents and Israeli society.

Learning Sibling (Ach-la Kri'a)

The program trains significant mentors “Big Brothers and Sisters”, in order to help elementary school children with their education. In association with the World Zionist Organization.