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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel – Site Rules

This website is the official website of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel Registered Non-profit no. 580411395.

Any use of this website constitutes the user’s consent to operate in accordance and in compliance with these Rules. Please read through the Rules carefully. If you do not consent to the provisions of these rules, please do not use this website.

The information on this website is intended to provide users with information regarding the NPO’s activities, and the scope of services it renders the public.

Users can make donations to the NPO and purchase products through the website quickly and easily. All proceeds benefit the NPO and its objectives.

Donations to the NPO are recognized for tax purposes under Article 46a of the Income Tax Ordinance. Upon making a donation, the donor will be sent a receipt along with confirmation recognized for tax purposes under Article 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

Donations may be made by users over 18 years of age only. The NPO holds a confirmation from the tax authorities as required by law, as well as confirmation of proper management from the Registrar of Non-profit Organizations.

Only users who are qualified to perform legal actions under law may donate or purchase products through this website.

This website enables donations and payments to be made by credit card. Upon payment, the card will be verified with the credit company. The user will be notified immediately whether the transaction was accepted or rejected.

This website is protected in accordance with the required standards. The website’s clearing company meets the PCI standard.

To change your billing information or to cancel the transaction you made through the website, please contact the NPO within 30 days of the day the transaction notice was sent, via one of the following media:

Tel: 03-7448744

Fax (please ensure by phone that the fax was received): 03-7449744

Email (please ensure by phone that the email was received): [email protected]

Mailing address (by registered mail only): Sderot Yehudit 8, Tel Aviv Israel, 6701608

The change or cancellation of the transaction shall be made in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5741 – 1981 and the regulations thereof, and subject to the policy generally accepted in credit companies at that time. In the event that the credit company charges the NPO a transaction fee, the user will be charged said fee.

Providing false information is strictly prohibited. This is a criminal offense which constitutes grounds for legal proceedings against the user.

The NPO shall be entitled to bar a user from making a donation or purchasing a product on the website, if any of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The user performs an illegal action and/or violates the provisions of the law;
  • The user violates any provision of these Rules;
  • The user intentionally provides erroneous details while using the Website.
  • The user performs an act or omission which could infringe on the NPO and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the website activity.

The NPO shall be entitled to make use of the user’s personal information for its own internal purposes only, and it undertakes not to make any such use if the user expressly so requests in writing.

The NPO shall not be deemed to have infringed on the user’s privacy on account of any information enabling the user to be identified or tracked, which arises from the use of electronic communication devices and computer communications.

The NPO does not share personal user information with any third party, except if required to so in the context of legal proceedings and subject to any law.

The NPO and anyone on its behalf shall not bear any liability for any damage caused as a result of using this website or on account of any illegal use of the website on the part of a user or any other entity beyond the NPO’s control.

The links from this website to other websites are for the user’s convenience, and the NPO does not bear any liability on account of any use made of third party websites, including a representation, or reliance on information, that appears therein.

These Rules are subject to the laws of the State of Israel, and any dispute in regard thereto shall be adjudicated by the authorized legal courts of Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

The Rules are formulated in the masculine form for convenience only, and relate equally to both genders.